5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

buy instagram followers
Want to buy Instagram followers? Or maybe Twitter, Facebook or another social network?
Let me ask you a question:
What’s more important, 1000 followers without any engagement or 100 people who will actually engage with you?

Why People Buy Instagram Followers?

Influencers, brands, celebrities, bloggers and common people have been known to pad their social media stats by adding fake followers. But why do they do it?

It’s about perception. The number of followers is something that many people look at when sizing up an account to follow and it’s a that brands use to measure their own Instagram efforts.

But the (followers) numbers aren’t everything, there are other metrics that are more useful and important, for example:

-How many people engage with you daily
-How many impressions are you getting from your posts (if you have a business profile)
-How many leads and sales your profile is driving
-How much traffic to your website your profile driving

Why You Should NOT Buy Instagram Followers:


1) Fake Followers Don’t Engage With Your Account

Fake Instagram followers are usually spam or inactive accounts, so they can’t interact with your profile in any way. They are also known as zombie followers or ghost followers. You might get a few thousand followers on your Instagram account, but if no one is actually liking or commenting on your posts then it can be quite obvious to customers and other people that you’ve faked it.

2) It’s Bad For Engagement Rates

Genuine Instagram accounts tend to follow this engagement rates:

  • 1k followers: 13% engagement
  • 1k -10k followers: 8% engagement
  • 10k-100k followers: 5% engagement
  • 100k-1M followers: 3.5% engagement
  • More than 1M followers: 1.9% engagement

These numbers are just averages, but you should look suspiciously at any accounts that have an engagement level lower from these averages by a considerable margin. If your engagement rate starts decreasing because of the fake followers, it will become less and less likely that your posts get surfaced in the feeds of your actual followers.

3) Fake Followers Ruins Your Brand Credibility

It’s easy to take a look at an account and tell if many or even most of their followers are fake. Knowing a brand bought fake followers might indicate to a potential customer that they’re not willing to put in the hard effort and keep their customers happy. After all, they couldn’t even put in the work to find their target audience and try to engage with them and grow their following in a legit way. Also, why should they take care about customer service or not take the same kind of shortcuts with their products?

4) You Won’t Earn Money With Fake Followers

Fake followers don’t promote your brand or buy your products. They’re not going to recommend you to their family and friends, and you can’t use their feedback to build your credibility.
Even if you want to build your reputation as an influencer, a large number of following won’t automatically convince brands to work with you. The fact that it’s easy to buy cheap Instagram followers, means that most companies today know how to check and detect fake accounts before they do business with an influencer.

5) Instagram Specifically Forbids Buying Followers

Today nobody one bothers to read the terms of use anymore. Also, you can find millions of accounts who grew this way, so you may think it’s OK for you to do it, too.

It’s really not.

Even if you have no ethical concerns, the fact is that any Instagram rules violation can result in your account being closed without any warning.

How To Grow Instagram Followers The Right Way

Simple, stop paying for batches of fake followers and start working with a company that can get you genuine engagement from real people instead.
Using those old-fashioned follower buying methods, you just get what you pay for, a number. The followers you obtain won’t engage with your posts or leave comments. They risk the complete destruction of your profile.

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