How SocialGramer works & F.A.Q


We will target your audience by hashtags, competitors, similar niche accounts and location. This is the most important thing in order to provide you real and quality followers.


We do professional research on the hashtags you provide us during the order, then select the ones that are best suited for your accout.


We log in every day and make hundreds of likes, follows and unfollows on targeted accounts. Your profile will be highly active and you will reach 1000+ people daily.


We monitor your growth and engagement daily and deliver you monthly stats of your account directly to your e-mail.


Once we begin working on your account you will notice results within one day. You will have increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers and potential new customers. This will continue to have a growing effect the longer we work on your account.


Your privacy is important to us, from the beginning we keep your account login info on a secure database. We can guarantee your account safety.


          • Are the followers real?

            SocialGramer doesn’t provide a set, specific bought amount of followers like other websites. We provide continual “growth” of organic Instagram followers. These new followers are people who show actual interest in your account.

          • Can I continue to post while running your service?

            Yes, you can continue to use your profile as you always did!

          • Do you post content?

            No, Socialgramer doesn’t include content posting and scheduling in your fees. However, if you would like us to schedule or post content to your account, we can do it. Please contact us to learn more.

          • What type of activity will SocialGramer generate for me?

            Likes, following and unfollowing depending on the plan you choose. We will also try to keep your following number to a minimum.

          • If I follow someone while the service is running, will you unfollow them?

            NO! We will unfollow only the accounts we’ve followed! However, you should keep your own liking and following actions to a minimum while using our service.

          • When will I see results?

            You will notice results within one day of when we start working on your account. You will have increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers, traffic and potential new customers.

          • I have completed my order, what now?

            Once you completed your order follow the e-mail instructions you receive from us. So please be sure to check your inbox.

          • How does the payment process work?

            Once the free trial period is over you can choose to be automatically subscribed to our PayPal 2 week payment plan or you may pay manually according to the chosen plan. You will receive an email from our support team before your trial ends with the payment instructions.

          • How can I end your service and cancel my subscription?

            To end our service just cancel your PayPal subscription or, if you pay manually just simply stop making payments. When you do that our service will automatically end after the second week from your last payment. You can cancel ANYTIME. Check HERE how to cancel the subscription from your PayPal account.

          • Can I change the PayPal account I pay with?

            Yes, but we recommend contacting us, and we can cancel your current package, then you can resubscribe on a new PayPal account.

          • How can I change or upgrade my plan?

            Simply email us!

          • Why is my payment suspended?

            This has occurred due to insufficient funds or payment method in PayPal, please ensure the funds are available or there is a correct payment method attached to your PayPal account.

          • Payments & Refunds

            If you have any other questions about payment please contact us.
            We give refunds within the first 3 days of service (Trial excluded!)

        Can’t find the answer to your question? Please contact us!


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