SocialGramer Mass Story Views Service

Try out our new growth service!

Your profile will grow organically and virally using the most advanced and unique mass story views techniques.

Daily performance*:

  • up to 500,000 story views
  • 40 – 200 new engaging followers
  • 10’s of comments
  • 100’s of likes and website clicks
  • 500- 2,000 profile visits

*Achieved results depend on the niche and content of your profile.

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No follow/unfollow, or any other action!



Limited spots available!


Refund policy

  • 48 hour money back guarantee (you can ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results)
  • There won’t be any refunds made after 48h (TRIAL PERIOD INCLUDED).



How does it work?

It’s simple. Our software views stories of followers of other accounts. We’ll ask you to specify these sources. It views all the available stories of every single user so the conversion rate is even better. It’s well known that almost all people check on the audience of their stories. Once they see your account in the list, they’ll be curious and click on it. If they like your profile enough, they’ll give you a follow, like posts, comment or visit your website.

Will you need my login details?

Yes. I need your username and password in order to log in to your account via our software and start watching stories. But don’t worry. Your details are stored in encrypted form for maximum possible security so that no one can access them.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! We’ve been testing this method on 100’s of accounts for about half a year and haven’t had a single account banned or blocked. There are no limits to how many stories you can watch a day. Instagram doesn’t count story views as actions unlike e.g. follows and likes. Moreover you don’t risk your account having banned by getting repetitive action blocks.

Can I use my account as usual?

Sure! our software uses special algorithm which takes an advantage of Instagram’s loopholes. That’s why it’s able to go through millions of stories a day. The stories will appear as unseen on all of your mobile devices but other people will see your account in their story dashboard.


Any question about the mass story views service?


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